Thesis Spring 2013: Charrette Competition Entry: “CORE SAMPLE”

charrettePrezo_04_ReducedIn the coming years, America will witness a dramatic increase in on-shore manufacturing as overseas wages rise and shipping costs increase.  Meanwhile, small-scale industries will open up new opportunities for collaboration, local engagement and digital prototyping.

These systems will stimulate economic growth and create numerous jobs. The country is now challenged with handling the volatile transition. How can these systems operate in conjunction?

Oakland’s waterfront offers a swath of abandoned large industrial structures containing the infrastructure to catalyze the re-instantiation of urban manufacturing. These assets are strategically located along major distribution networks and hold vast amounts of embodied materials and energy. Why not re-purpose them for smale-scale, heterogeneous means of production? The adaptive reuse of these large-scale structures will introduce frameworks that will allow new systems of urban manufacturing in complex aggregations.