Thesis Spring 2013: Charrette Competition Entry: “CORE SAMPLE”

In the coming years, America will witness a dramatic increase in on-shore manufacturing as overseas wages rise and shipping costs increase.  Meanwhile, small-scale industries will open up new opportunities for collaboration, local engagement… Continue reading

Oakland Industrial Waterfront _02

    Oakland, California is historically a center for manufacturing and product development. The waterfront contains a series of refineries, factories and grain elevators. This area is in need of revival due to… Continue reading

New Forms of Urban Production

Large-scale and small-scale industry are at a crossroads in American cities. A critical moment is transforming production and reshaping the economy. The emergence of farmer’s markets, live-make enthusiasts, and green energy generation now… Continue reading


Sigfried Giedion posits that automation creates the processes of carrying out event in automation and efficiency. The grain elevator functions as a gravity-fed storage facility, designed as the perfect system for this process.… Continue reading

Timeline: Buffalo, NY Grain Elevators

  Buffalo, New York presents a critical moment in the development of its grain elevators in the 1800’s. The completion of the Erie Canal enabled greater amounts of mid-west grain to penetrate East… Continue reading

The Productive City

In 1966, Archigram presented Plug-In City, where urban infrastructure and working systems converge. An adaptable framework for the city that allows multiple disparate functions to operate simultaneously, Plug-In City is a heterogeneous strategy… Continue reading

Conagra Processing Mill

The Conagra Processing Mill, a grain elevator in Oakland’s industrial waterfront is tested, reprogrammed  and evaluated for new urban functions. It’s adjacency to multiple networks and smaller warehouses and factories allow it to… Continue reading

Grain Elevators: Urban Processors

Where matter changes from one state to another a critical moment presents itself. At this moment, micro changes produces rapid development cycles. Large-scale means of production are becoming too inefficient and costly to… Continue reading

Oakland Industrial Waterfront _01

The images showcase a transition of the popular exposition of industrial structures along Oakland’s waterfront. These iconic monuments reveal the history of an industrial era, within an emerging information based network. As a… Continue reading